stepping inside the world of Charles and Ray Eames


I managed to get along to the Barbican’s exhibition celebrating the work of the influential American design duo, Charles and Ray Eames. Perfecting the pioneering use of moulded plywood, they created some of the most important examples of 20th century furniture. Their leather lounge chair and ottoman created in 1956 is truly iconic.

But what I didn’t know and learnt whilst exploring the two floors devoted to their creative pursuits, is firstly that they were husband and wife and secondly, that their body of work also encompassed film, photography and architecture as well as graphic, textile and product design.

The exhibition showcases the Eames’ philosophy of design not as the pursuit of originality for its own sake, but as the process of thinking about problems and their connection to surrounding historical, social and technological conditions.

It was interesting to see how ahead of their time they were, and how much of their ideas and concepts are still very much on trend today.

What finally matters is that your house works the way you want it to. And that it is a pleasant place to be in. Ray Eames 1959

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