who said ceilings should be white?

who said ceilings should be white
Styl and Interier

My friend is redecorating her bijou bathroom and would like to introduce the colour gold into the scheme. I suggested she think about painting the ceiling in a metallic gold finish. This will not only help to create the cosy, pampering haven she wants, but also bounce light around the windowless space.

I’ve done something similar in my own bathroom, which also has diminutive floor space but an unusually high ceiling.  By painting the ceiling dark grey, I’ve visually lowered it and so re-proportioned the room. The grey also provides a striking contrast against the white tiles which now sing out and make the room look brighter and bigger.

So often, we overlook the ceiling when planning the décor of our rooms, even though it’s one of the largest surface areas. A dose of colour can not only alter the geometry of a space, but create a sophisticated and polished look by pulling your whole scheme together.

So next time you’re planning a revamp for a room, don’t forget to look up and think of the ceiling as the 5th wall. Here’s a few ideas for inspiration and you can find more on my Pinterest board.

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