stylish ideas to show off your record collection

If you celebrated Record Store Day on Saturday you may now be wondering where you’re going to put all your new purchases. My husband and I are self-confessed audiophiles,  and finding a storage solution for our ever expanding vinyl collection was a priority when we first moved into our London flat nearly four years ago.

By chance, we discovered that the alcoves in our lounge were the right depth and height for fitted shelves to house our music library. The carpenter gave assurances that they would be strong enough for the job, doing chin-ups on them by way of demonstration! and they have indeed stood the test of time.  Looking almost like wallpaper, the practical display has added a certain wow factor to our lounge and we no longer have to root around in boxes to find our favourite LPs.

Vinyl sales have hit a twenty-year high as a new generation are discovering that there is more to music than sound and in response interior designers and furniture makers are tapping into this resurgence by finding clever and creative ways to store and showcase these treasured artefacts in style. Here are a few of my favourites.

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